About Marie

Hi, I’m Marie Whelan and it has been my good fortune to have turned my own lifelong passion into a career. It has also been my great privilege, in the course of my career, to have been instrumental in helping others to do the same.

My love of horses has kept me on a path of constant study, training and improvement for myself, my human students and equine charges!  To this end I have worked in the UK and UAE, with horses and riders of all ages and abilities.  Some have gone on to be internationally acclaimed competitors, while others found an enjoyable pastime became a life changing event.

I have worked with Paralympian Dressage teams and as a judge for the Honourable Light Cavalry.  Clients have included high profile individuals and their offspring along with all the confidentiality, and security protocols required for a safe and rewarding experience.

I believe it is vital to understand and appropriately respond to the individual needs of each horse through every step of their development and stage in life. To this end I have worked with and cared for young stock, the older equine, and stud management.

Over the years I have developed a deep understanding of particular needs of Polo ponies and have successfully re-schooled many for competitions, show jumping, cross country and dressage and happy hacking in the UK and Dubai. Giving a new meaning of life for the ponies and providing loyal companions for their new riders. 

It has been my good fortune and great privilege to work with horses and/or riders who need patience and experience to help them progress with building confidence and skills. 

I am always delighted to hear from new clients.  If you would like to know more or have a question, click here to contact me today.