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Care and Understanding of your Horse

I have many years of experience of care and training of horses and ponies from foals to international dressage and show jumpers, I understand the difficulties can can arise from polo ponies separated from their group and the highly stressed nature of racehorses. I am a qualified EHK Certificate Trainer , so whether you want to improve your equine care abilities or would like to work towards EHK certification, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Horses with special needs

Whether you have a horse who is older, needs re-schooling or has a history of injury, understanding the individual needs of each horse can make the relationship between horse and rider so much more rewarding. My experience, discipline and patience have helped many riders improve their skills as well as improving the rider/horse relationship.

Yard Management

Yard Management is something of an artform, when you take into account all the different needs and personalities present - both human and equine, sometimes an experienced look from a fresh pair of eyes can help to identify issues and provide solutions.


Understanding your horse, how it feels and what it needs to arrive with as little trauma as possible can be really helpful, I can transport horses and livestock up to 38 tonnes, I am happy to advise or in fact to drive the lorry and care for your horse/s myself.
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